Creativity of the Project:

Hebei Yincheng Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. pioneered the crystal growth control technology of flat interface, the small cross section crucible growth of relatively large crystal size and the innovative technology of combining crystal growth and annealing, the growth of high-quality large size Yb:YAG laser crystal.

Talent Guarantee:

The company has strong technical force as well as a sound management mechanism and a personnel training mechanism. It places emphasis on the introduction and training of senior industry research and development personnel and management personnel, and the technical training of staff to improve the comprehensive quality and special skills of employees, with a number of high-tech research and development personnel have been trained.

Guarantee of Capital and Production Equipment

With a total investment of RMB 30 million, the project is planned to be implemented in three stages. In the first stage, an investment of RMB 10 million was expected in 2020. In the second stage, an investment of RMB 10 million is expected in 2021. In the third stage, an investment of RMB 10 million is expected in 2022. Up to now, an investment of RMB 10 million has been made in the first stage and a complete production line consisting of crystal growth, cutting, polishing, coating and testing has been built. Now there are 12 single crystal growth furnaces, 2 internal circular cutting machines, 5 polishing machines, 1 coating machine and 5 testing equipment.

Economic and Social Benefits of The Project:

The Yb:YAG laser crystal and laser components industrialization project contracted by Hebei Yincheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. will be completed in the third phase of 2022, which is expected to solve the technical problem of flat interface single crystal growth in induction furnace and promote the development of domestic artificial single crystal growth technology. Furthermore, it will create around 100 jobs, increase an income of RMB 50 million and contribute RMB 6 million tax revenue to the local government.

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