Hebei Yincheng Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of photoelectric functional crystal materials and special crystal growth equipment (single crystal furnace). It has a core R & D team composed of crystal growth and processing experts who give full play to technical advantages and constantly develop new products and new technologies to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets and to make the company a professional supplier of photoelectric functional crystals in line with the business philosophy of “Honesty First and Creativity Based”.

Bonding Crystals are crystals consisting of two, three or more parts with different dopant levels. Usually, doped and undoped materials are used. Difussion Diffusion Bonded Crystals are used to decrease thermal lensing effect considerably.This bonding technology in laser applications can not only greatly improve the laser performance and beam quality, but also conducive to the intergration of laser systems and access to large-size crystal.

Calcium fluoride crystals have good mechanical strength, good moisture resistance, high transmittance in the band range of 0.13 to 11.3um, up to 95%, so it is a good window material. Specific application equipment: electron microscope.

45 Degree Reflector Description: The 45° reflector is an important component in the optical path system of laser machining. By using the reflector, the beam can be deflected according to the designed path and direction. Our company produces a variety of film firm high damage threshold of 45° reflector, widely used in laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine and other laser processing fields Omni-Directional Reflector Description: The omni-directional reflector is generally used in the optical path of marking machine, welding machine and cutting machine. It forms a resonant cavity with half mirror to produce laser. Our company can provide high damage threshold omni-directional reflectors, which are widely used in laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine and other laser processing fields. Protective Lens Description: Protective lenses isolate the environment of one part of the system from the rest. Because infrared transmitters have a high refractive index, the window is usually coated with an antireflection film to reduce the loss due to reflection. Optical Lens Description: Our company produces all kinds of high damage threshold lenses, including plane convex, double convex, plane concave, double concave, crescent and so on. There are three kinds of lenses: 1) Focus lenses are widely used in laser processing (such as: cutting, marking, welding, engraving, etc.) and various laser systems; 2) If a laser beam wants to propagate by optical fiber, the laser beam must be focused into the optical fiber by collimating through the lens. This set of lenses is called coupling lens. 3) Collimating lenses are used in beam transfer systems to maintain the alignment of the beam between the laser resonator and the focusing optical element.

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