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Single crystal growth furnace

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Single crystal growth furnace



Technical Parameters: 
1. Furnace body: the size of the vacuum furnace chamber is Φ800*1200mm, the double-layer water-passing furnace wall is made of ICr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, the furnace door is a side door, and the furnace door is equipped with a water-passing quartz observation window. 
2. Intermediate frequency power supply: The product should use silicon components and IGBT modules to transform the power frequency three-phase AC power supply into a single-phase intermediate frequency power supply. The induction power controller uses uncontrolled rectification technology, has high power factor (>0.95), low grid pollution, and has two control methods of constant current and constant power, which can always keep the controller in effective power output mode, suitable for frequent needs Start or run for a long time. The man-machine control interface should have communication function, RS-485 connection mode, can remotely read and write the parameters and running status of the controller through communication. 
1) Intermediate frequency power: 80kw 
2) Frequency: 2.5-8KHz (optional)
3) Power factor: >0.9 
4) Power conversion efficiency: >70-95% (intermediate frequency power supply changes with temperature during use, that is, power and conversion efficiency change accordingly)
5) Power stability accuracy: <0.2% 

3. Vacuum system
1)Mechanical pump 2X-8 is required.
2) Vacuum degree: (cold no-load) ≤5Pa (digital display vacuum gauge)
3) Inlet flow rate: 1~10L/min (optional mass flow meter)
4) Micro-positive pressure and constant pressure automatic control: ≤0~0.04Mpa

4. Heating system: medium frequency induction heating is required, working temperature: 100℃~2000℃, working power supply: AC380V/50HZ, temperature measurement method: Type B thermocouple: 
1) Power control when ≤1200℃ 
2) Temperature control when ≥1200℃

5. Temperature control method: LCD touch screen display is required, setting is faster, equipment running status is more intuitive, setting data and operation are graphic interface, easy to operate; for data storage and output, data can be copied to the computer through the USB interface Long-term storage, can store multiple programs. 50-segment programmable temperature control curve, no need to watch (automatic heating, constant temperature, cooling).

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